Staying Safe Online

We all need to have access to information. Internet has become the source of storage of information.
Now having access to right information today, can be very hard. What I means is there is too much information that is being added on the Internet.  It can be hard to find the right content.

Learning Sikhism

A religion that leads everyone to the right path. A path of righteousness and a true living. A religion that does not look down on any other religion in the world. We make sure that the Christians the Muslims and Hindus and all other religions, have a respect toward their own religion. As a Sikh I believe no religion in the world is wrong, every religion in the world is right. Is what I learned from my gurus.

First Blog Post

Welcome to all, to my "Amrit" Blog , here I will share my experience and stories that inspired me. I am very delightful in sharing the essence of life with you. My  name is Amritpall Gill I was born in India state of Utter Pardesh, not so long I knew Canadian visa was delivered to my family. Now that I live in Canada, still I can't overlap the times I had spent in India. I learned a lot through this transition in life. And still love to learn more about this part of the world. One thing I learn from people that I meet with, that no matter were you live, as long as you can call it a home it's safe. We should all feel that this whole earth is our home no matter what ever region you live in, we should all be proud of ourselves to be living on a beautiful place. Despise the wars the violence it's sometime not as safe we think. This earth sisterly wasn't designed to have such violence upon it. Following the teaching of our Guru's, I feel we should create a be…