Sikh Is By The Heart And The Mind

The word Sikh means (learner) simply, a learner who follows the teachings of the true Guru. For unity with and forever in God. 

Guru can be anything, even a rock that can teach you a lesson in life, for discovery and a feeling of wanting to know the purpose of life. There are levels of Guru, how advance the teachings are, for us humans to understand and spark truth.

Heart and Mind | And Worldly Matter:

Heart and Mind when inspired by true Guru, are not subject to worldly attachment. Only then these two guide us in perfection and limitless being.

It is a human desire to strive for the best in materialist wealth status and a fight for a learner inspired by true Guru. Our appearance words and actions only really touch us and others when they come from the heart and the mind, inspired by true Guru.

Learning | Being:

God is true, true is God, or God is everything. "Meditate on the True Lord. You shall come to know God through Guru's word. Everything was created from God (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 82)."

For a learner of the true Guru, God is anything that inspired a learner to the unit with true Guru, and from Guru the Understanding they have acquired. 

The process of learning, taking in the information, such event in our life becomes a gateway for a more broader capacity to gain understanding/God. The ever gateway require us to always go by the teachings of the true Guru to understand our feelings, from the heart and the mind. And not with worldly limited matters.

Learning | Being | Research:

University of Waterloo study of the Heart and Mind states: "Heart rate variation and thinking process work together to enable wise reasoning about complex social issues." 

Our Judgment of understanding people also is required from our heart and mind, to truly understand people and culture. This has not been the case, as history tells us, all wars could have just ended in the minds of humanity if we had truly united with ourselves first. From an understanding of ourselves, we can figure out greater ways of living in no matter how complex society's system is. A way from which we learn the weakness and strengths of the inner self, to improve the system of our society to truly allow self-justice that is in us.


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