Staying Safe Online

We all need to have access to information. Internet has become the source of storage of information.
Now having access to right information today, can be very hard. What I means is there is too much information that is being added on the Internet.  It can be hard to find the right content.
We have to think twice, when allowing kids to use the internet. There is a lot of right content and wrong content on the internet. We have to be using the right search engines, right keyword that help us with our search. Now there are a lot of tools that help you search safe. Open DNS is one of my favorite online DNS services that I use to stay safe while I am online. Open DNS use advance filtering technology, which filters the good content and bad content, keeping you safe. You can also use keywords that can block certain sites, you want to avoid. Options are provided to the users, giving them a dashboard with all their search logs. 
The service is free for personal users and for business users it does cost money.

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