Sikh Is By The Heart And The Mind

The word Sikh means (learner) simply, a learner who follows the teachings of the true Guru. For unity with and forever in God. 

Guru can be anything, even a rock that can teach you a lesson in life, for discovery and a feeling of wanting to know the purpose of life. There are levels of Guru, how advance the teachings are, for us humans to understand and spark truth.

Ji Project Update

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Friends I have been working on Ji project with waheguru's help. Ji project is a mission to share sikh teching on mobile platforms. Currently alot more work needs to be done. Now we have a website and a form for people who are interested and knowledgeable in their field to contribute their time and skills to bring sikh content on the internet.

Blog Url Change

Hello everyone I will be changing my blog url form to

Thank you

Amirtpal Singh Gill

Project Ji, Sikh App

Ji is a project with Waheguru's kirpa (God's grace) I thought will be  very important for Sikh to learn about Sikh gurus teachings. Through a mobile application, for popular operating systems and for the web. Currently I'm working towards a blueprint of this application, adding and takingout features that will make Ji, a favourite application for everyone. Something very similar to social network profile applications, where you can share, and get updates on Sikh events.
If you have any questions or like to give any suggestion contact me by email.

Sikhism Websites

Image  "Sharing the Sikh Experience" -Sikhnet

Biggest Sikh online organization, reaching wide range of people. Skihnet provides in English and Punjabi content to sanget (people), with community forums and blogs, and the media center providing live gurbani shabad and live radio service from across the world. Visit Website

Power Of Being In Family

From the time we are born, we are given a company to look after us. Whether it's your parents or loved ones, they all raise us in a certain way.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Hello everyone this is short post, I found this video about Guru Nanak Dev Ji's life story, in english.
Very informative video made by Sikh helpline organization. I hope you will learn, something about our first guru.